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Santoku Knife Set


If you are likely many people you may be looking at the title wondering what in the world is a Santoku knife set? The short story is these are Japanese made knives with a special meaning to their name. The word Santoku translates into three virtues.

The knives are an innovative approach to cooking and if you watch popular cooking shows, you will know they have been ending up in the hands of some very famous chefs. Paula Dean, Wolfgang Puck and others are discovering the Santoku knife set and even endorsing the product.

The average Santoku knife set will include blades that run between 5-7 inches long; however, you can find these great knives in smaller varieties. The knives are a variation of the traditional chef's knife with a couple of differences. For starters, the Santoku has a flat blade that is more suited to traditional Japanese cuisine such as fish, vegetables and boneless meats.


Santoku knife sets are available in both carbon steel and stainless steel varieties. Many people prefer the stainless as the knives look nicer for a longer period of time; however carbon steel is much sharper and will hold an edge longer than stainless.

These knives come in a variety of sets with different handle types and materials. Some are wooden and others are of a high poly material but all are ergonomically designed to fit your hand and prevent slipping.

The tapered ground edge is another signature mark on the Santoku knife set. This ground edge allows you to cut paper-thin slices and prevents meat and other substances from sticking to the blade. Overall, these are a great addition to any kitchen. Just be sure you do not put them in the dishwasher, these blades will look better and last longer if you hand wash and dry them. Remember carbon steel will rust and stain.

You are probably thinking that anything this good is going to come with a hefty price tag and in some cases, you are correct. However pricing is directly influenced by construction, for instance the quality of the steel, full or partial tang and how it is all assembled. You can even find Santoku knife sets available in ceramic.

Chopping, dicing and mincing all in one the Santoku knife set is the only knives you will need in your kitchen. The quality of knife is superb and in most cases, you will not find a better piece of cutlery for the price. Add a bit of Japanese excellence to your kitchen today by purchasing your very own Santoku knife set.